Current Projects and WIP’s

How To Purchase Artworks


Daily Live Auctions on originals and marbled artwork, live marbling streams twice a month. Bundle deals, customs, and scrap packs available on stream.


tip jar, and open store-front with limited prints, digital downloads, texture packs, and individual marbled artworks.


Illustrative Prints, Stickers, Keychains, and Buttons.

There is at this time No Marbled Artworks available on etsy.


No storefront, subscribe for behind the scenes, WIP’S, coupon codes for storefronts, announcements, and immediate access to new digital downloads, texture packs, and high res downloads of artwork.

Full time illustrative artist/animator and part time connoisseur of hand marbled artworks. Located in Providence. I graduated with a degree in animation and motion media, my illustrative and animated works are primarily traditional mixed-media with an emphasis on color and composition. Always excited to collab and hear from local artists.

Recent Marbling Pieces