‘City Lights’

An on-going experimental sequence of shots inspired from my time living in the city. All pieces include some traditional element, whether it be paper hand marbled in my home studio, or crayon used as an overlay effect.

‘Woof Woof What’s On The TV, Lol’ – Med. marker on paper, a vat of water with paint in it, adobe after effects, and procreate.
‘City Lights’ – Med. Hand Marbled paper, photographs, cardboard, and adobe after effects
Black Hole‘ – Med. Rainbow Scratch Paper from the 7/11
Descent‘ Med. Adobe Animate, and hand marbled paper

Progress and Materials for the project so far

So far, there are only four pieces in this project. The idea here is to function more as an experimental video diary about various thoughts and feelings relevant to the city that I have a difficult time expressing in words. Thus, I’d like to take a moment to show off a few of the materials and pieces part of pre-production for the videos that I thought might be interesting to see out of context of the films they belong to.

So far I’ve made about 158 pieces of painted paper through the process of marbling where I thicken a vat of water with carrageen, and balancing paint on the surface of the water to comb through for designs and patterns. I’ve been collecting and creating these papers to build a repertoire for use in this ongoing project.

My studio while working

Some Scratch Paper, and my lucky paper scratching fork.

“Hands Underwater” – Med. Crayola Markers and alcohol ink

this illustration done by me for this project was used as the background shifting in and out of color in the piece ‘Woof Woof What’s on the television, lol’.

the tv’s spinaround cycle